Old News

by Shyy

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released June 11, 2017

Joe Frost - Guitar & vocals
Kevin Nock - Bass guitar & vocals
Trevor Rolfe - Drums

All music and lyrics written by Nock/Frost/Rolfe.
Slide guitar on 'Drive-In' performed by Simon Larochette.

Recorded by Simon Larochette at the Sugar Shack, London, Ontario.

Album art by Kevin Nock



all rights reserved


Shyy Toronto, Ontario

nock / frost / rolfe

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Track Name: Yoshimura
Track Name: Negative
I’m feeling stressed
Like other people
I’m trying to take what’s mine
We’re living in the negative
All the things sadness can keep you from doing
You’re feeling blessed
Unlike other people
You’re giving back what’s yours
You’re living in the positive
Track Name: Apartments
I’m okay, okay, sometimes my mind takes me somewhere dark and
She’s dead again on a pile of flowers in the door way
And I choke in my blood
To die on my own
What else is there to say?
I’m done
Okay, one day heavy thoughts will leave me, but not right now
Yeah I get this feeling is overdone
And I’m fed up with it
It’s part of my life, y'know
What else is there to say?
I’m done
It’s all-good, it's all-fine!
Tell me, tell me, and tell me...
Track Name: Bad Head
You are what people think of you
So I guess I’m nothing
You were the best that I could do
I had a long walk home
You get sad at 4am
It’s too late to hear you out
The marks I left on your body fade
Mine still stay the same
Nothing has come together since I met you
Bad head is in the rafters
I still see you under my skin
Bad head
Track Name: What Happened Now
I’m in the middle of my sentence when you cut me off,
Your voice is louder
I’m in the middle of my exit when you cut me out,
Your will is stronger
You’re a picture of perfect health
What happened now?
I’m trying to fade when you change my mind,
I see you
I’m looking to lean on; you extend your hand,
I need you
You’re a picture of perfect health
What happened now?
So, I went too far
Track Name: Boring Love
Your face reminds me of our boring love
I hate your party but I'm still here
Anyway, I find the more we talk
The less I have to say about shit we used to find important
(I probably care less about you now)
It's not like it was distance that tore us apart
Was there even an us?
I was just asking
Our boring love
Track Name: Old News
Barefoot in the hall, tiles cold on my feet
I remember the news you gave me
Sunk back in my seat the door was wide letting in the breeze
and the sun was hardly up
Leaves fall, and change
I change and fall for you
Went for a drive to clear my head,
There’s not enough road to lay myself out
In front of traffic to feel something
Leaving postcards on the door,
It was twenty minutes later when they told me
Leaves fall, they change
I change and fall for you
On Russett the concrete was cutting my heels
Ten years later and it was starting to feel real
Track Name: Family is Napalm
I’m nothing and you're satisfied
On quicksand, exhausted and sinking
I used to sleep in the living room
Now I’m happy in a basement
Family is napalm
We used to talk about it
Unsettled, unnerving & unstable
Grew up with roommates
Forced apart & feeling together
Family is napalm
Track Name: Die for Now
There is no cure
Wasn't so sure that day
I have to endure the day
Drive me home
In your twilight years
Youth came back
Not looking forward to the empty feelings
On our quiet floors
It's in your eyes
I wish there was time to stay
I have to endure the day
Die for now
Track Name: Steep Hills
You know that I'll get through my pains
I let it go this time
You feel so sure
I didn't know who let you go,
And I don't know, I let you go
Gone again, this time without you
(Let you go)
I've gone too far, but it's not enough
You feel so sure
Track Name: Constant Reminder
Without a struggle I'd be on time
I was killing myself but you made me sentimental
I want to forget what just happened
I'm not as strong as I thought
Direct me to the place I hate
I want to forget what just happened
I don't need your hand to guide me,
I have all I need up my sleeve
Constant reminder is on my mind
You want it to be like any other time
I want to forget what just happened
Filling my lungs with it
It's alright, you'll help me out
I want to forget what just happened
I don't need your hand to guide me,
I have all I need up my sleeve
Track Name: Holy Mount
Track Name: Drive-In
Local man found without a head
He was the milk man and I'm just me
Stopped outside the local gas station
I found out that I'm headless as well
Looking on in disbelief I start cutting my teeth
On a Sunday in '58
Watching a man in a bath robe part the sea
It's on the big screen
Beside an empty farmers field
Entertained and locked in
Not seeing terror translate
It goes over our heads